10 interview questions regarding ReactJS useRef() Hook

10 interview questions regarding ReactJS useRef() Hook

Here are 10 interview questions regarding the useRef() Hook in React:

  1. What is the purpose of the useRef() Hook in React?

    • Explain when and why you might use it.
  2. How does useRef() differ from useState() in React?

    • Highlight the key distinctions between these two hooks.
  3. Can you provide an example of using useRef() to access and manipulate a DOM element in a functional component?

    • Demonstrate a simple use case of useRef().
  4. What is the role of useRef() in handling mutable values across renders?

    • Discuss scenarios where mutable values are relevant and how useRef() facilitates this.
  5. How do you use useRef() to persist values across renders without triggering re-renders?

    • Explain the mechanism behind the preservation of values with useRef().
  6. Can useRef() be used to create instance variables in functional components?

    • Discuss how useRef() allows for the creation of instance variables.
  7. How does useRef() contribute to handling focus in React applications?

    • Provide an example where useRef() is used for managing focus.
  8. Explain the use of useRef() in conjunction with useEffect() to perform actions after rendering.

    • Discuss scenarios where combining these hooks is beneficial.
  9. Can you use useRef() for storing and accessing previous state values in a functional component?

    • Discuss the limitations and alternatives for managing previous states.
  10. How does useRef() contribute to improving performance in certain scenarios?

    • Discuss specific use cases where useRef() can lead to performance optimizations.


These questions cover various aspects of the useRef() Hook in React, including its purpose, use cases, differences from other hooks, and its role in managing mutable values and improving performance.

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