10 interview questions regarding react useReducer() Hook

10 interview questions regarding react useReducer() Hook

Here are 10 interview questions related to the useReducer Hook in React:

  1. What is the purpose of the useReducer Hook in React?

    • Explain why and when you might choose to use useReducer instead of useState.
  2. How does useReducer work, and what are its arguments?

    • Describe the signature and functionality of the useReducer Hook.
  3. Compare and contrast useReducer with useState.

    • Highlight situations where one might be preferred over the other.
  4. Explain the structure of the state object when using useReducer.

    • What is the typical structure of the state object, and how is it different from the state in a useState scenario?
  5. How do you dispatch actions with useReducer?

    • Provide an example of dispatching actions and explain their role in state management.
  6. What is the purpose of the reducer function in useReducer?

    • Describe the role of the reducer function and how it handles state transitions.
  7. How can you handle complex state logic with useReducer?

    • Discuss scenarios where useReducer shines in managing complex state updates.
  8. Explain the concept of action types in the context of useReducer.

    • How do you define and use action types, and why are they beneficial?
  9. Demonstrate how you might use useReducer to manage the state of a form.

    • Provide an example where form actions are dispatched to the reducer to update the form state.
  10. Discuss potential use cases for useReducer in a real-world React application.

    • Highlight scenarios where the useReducer Hook is particularly useful for managing state.


These questions cover various aspects of the useReducer Hook in React, from its basic usage to more advanced topics like handling complex state logic and action types.

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