Write a program to Subtract two numbers using arithmetic operators in java

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Hello guys, welcome to lingarajtechhub.com . Today we are going to discuss subtract two numbers using arithmetic operators in java.


package com.substraction.java;

public class Substract {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		float a=5.2f , b =1.2f;
		float sub=a-b;
		System.out.println("Result is:" +sub);



  • package com.substraction.java

 It is a java package , this package is created in a java project and it contains    classes inside the package.


  • public class Substract

Here ” Substract ” is the class-name , class is a template used to create objects & class-name first letters must be capital . It is public means we can access this data in another project.


  • public static void main(String[] args)

It is a main method in which we can execute a program.

       public : It is an access modifier. The main() is public because we can  access main() outside of the class , if main() can’t be public then JVM(Java Virtual Machine) can’t be called main() & code can’t be executed.

      Static : static is a keyword in which the main method has to be static in which JVM can load the class into memory and call the main method without creating an instance.

      Void : Void is a data type. It means no return type.

      main(): Main is a function.

      String [] args : string means collection of characters ,String[] args represents a collection of Strings that are separated by a space and can be typed into the program on the terminal directly.


  • float a=5.2f , b =1.2f

Here a,b is the variable and float is adata type of the variable.Here   ”a” value assign 5.2f &“b” value assign 1.2f .


  • float sub=a-b

“sub” is the variable and float is a data type of the variable.The method  subtract  two integers  using the  “ -” operator.


  • System.out.println(“Result is:” +sub)

 system is a predefined  class .Out is a static variable of type printstream present in system class. Println shows the result.


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