What is Variable in Python?

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Python Variables:

Variable is a container to store data.

Variable is a name of memory location where data stored in a particular address.

Creating Variables:

Python has no syntax for declaring a variable.

When we declare the variable the value or data assign on it directly.

x = 5
y = "John"

The above code the type of x means here is integer and type of y is string.

When you assign data directly any variable in python the type of variable is defined on that time.

x = 4       # x is of type int
x = "Sally" # x is now of type str

The above code output is:


Because x shows me recent value or data.

Python Casting:

If you want to specify the data type of a variable, then we are using inbuilt python functions.

x = str(4)    # x will be '4'
y = int(7)    # y will be 7
z = float(9)  # z will be 9.0


The output of above code:


Python Return The Type Of Variable:

In python if you want to check the type of variable is it when assign some values on it, then how?

x = 5
y = "John"

Here in above code returns the type of variable by help of this function called type(var_name).

So, the output is:

<class 'int'>
<class 'str'>

What is Single Quote and Double Quote Means?

In python string variables are declared in single and double quotes:

x = "John"
#double quotes are the same as single quotes:
x = 'John'

The output of above code:


Case-Sensitive In Python:

In python the variable names are case-sensitive, means:

a = 2
A = 4

The above code plays, will not overwrite with data because both are different on python point.

But, in some case we write:

a = 56
a = "asdf"

Then here a first play the role of Integer then it play the role of String.

So, in coding the recent value will be assigned on it and take granted.

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