What is React Recoil?

What is React Recoil?

Recoil is a state management library for managing global states in React applications. It was developed by Facebook and is designed to be flexible and scalable for managing complex state logic in React applications. Recoil provides a set of hooks and utilities to manage and share state in a more straightforward manner.

Here's a basic overview of using Recoil in a React application:

  1. Install Recoil:

     npm install recoil
  2. Create an atom for the state.

    In Recoil, an atom is a piece of state. It's like a React useState hook, but the state is stored globally and can be reached from any component.

     // atoms.js
     import { atom } from 'recoil';
     export const cartState = atom({
       key: 'cartState',
       default: [],
  3. Use the recoil state in a component:

     // ShoppingCart.js
     import React from 'react';
     import { useRecoilState } from 'recoil';
     import { cartState } from './atoms';
     const ShoppingCart = () => {
       const [cart, setCart] = useRecoilState(cartState);
       const handleAddToCart = (item) => {
         setCart([...cart, item]);
       return (
           <h2>Shopping Cart</h2>
             {cart.map((item, index) => (
               <li key={index}>{item.name}</li>
           <button onClick={() => handleAddToCart({ id: 1, name: 'Product A' })}>
             Add Product A to Cart
           <button onClick={() => handleAddToCart({ id: 2, name: 'Product B' })}>
             Add Product B to Cart
     export default ShoppingCart;
  4. Integrate Recoil in the main application:

     // App.js
     import React from 'react';
     import { RecoilRoot } from 'recoil';
     import ShoppingCart from './ShoppingCart';
     const App = () => {
       return (
             <h1>Recoil Shopping Cart Example</h1>
             <ShoppingCart />
     export default App;

In this example, thecartState atom helps manage the shopping cart's overall state. The useRecoilState hook lets us access and change the state of the ShoppingCart component. When you click the "Add to Cart" button, it updates the state by putting a new item in the cart.

Recoil offers extra features like selectors for calculating state and handling async effects. It's a strong tool for managing complicated state in React apps.

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