What does a Docker daemon mean?

What does a Docker daemon mean?

The Docker daemon, also known as dockerd, is a background service that manages Docker containers on a host system. It is a core component of the Docker platform and is responsible for handling Docker commands from the Docker CLI (Command Line Interface), the Docker API, and other Docker tools.

Here are some of the key functions and responsibilities of the Docker daemon:

  1. Container Management: The Docker daemon is responsible for creating, running, stopping, and managing containers. It oversees the entire lifecycle of containers, from creation to termination.

  2. Image Management: It manages Docker images, which are the building blocks of containers. The daemon is responsible for pulling, pushing, and caching Docker images.

  3. Volume Management: Docker daemons manage data volumes and data persistence for containers. Volumes are used to store data separately from the container filesystem.

  4. Networking: It configures and manages networking for containers. Docker creates bridges and virtual networks for containers to communicate with each other and with the host system.

  5. Security: The daemon enforces security measures, such as isolation between containers and limiting their access to host resources.

  6. Logging: It handles container and image logging, making it possible to retrieve container logs using the Docker CLI.

  7. REST API: The Docker daemon provides a REST API that enables interaction with the Docker engine. Docker clients, including the Docker CLI, communicate with the daemon using this API.

  8. Plugin Support: Docker daemons support plugins, allowing users to extend Docker's functionality with third-party plugins for storage, networking, and more.

  9. Event Handling: It generates and handles Docker events, which provide information about container and image state changes. You can use the docker events command to monitor these events.

  10. Integration with Container Orchestration: In orchestration systems like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes, the Docker daemon plays a critical role as the runtime environment for containers.


The Docker daemon is typically started as a system service and runs in the background. Users interact with it using the Docker CLI or other Docker client tools. It's responsible for executing Docker commands and managing containers and images on the host system.

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