Voice Assistant interact with your computer using Python

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In this post, we are going to publish one GitHub repository i.e. Voice Assistant interact with your computer using Python.


It is a voice assistant which can be used to interact with your computer and also you have been seeing it in Iron man movies, but this JARVIS is not that advanced as shown in movies.

Built With Python:

  • Demo video for JARVIS is available here

Cool Functionalities Of J.A.R.V.I.S:


I have wrote code which you can use JARVIS in the following ways :

  • It can tell the count of Covid-19 cases for each state in India
  • It can do Screen Recording with voice recording stuff.
  • It can access your mobile camera
  • It can access your web camera
  • It can read pdf’s
  • It can check/find your Internet speed
  • It can tell your IP address
  • It can tell the latest news
  • It can check the system condition
  • It can send gmails
  • It can send WhatsApp messages to Individual & group chats
  • It can play youtube songs
  • It can download youtube songs
  • It can download Instagram profiles
  • It can find/tell your current location where ever you are
  • It can take screenshots with a custom filename
  • It can tell the current time
  • It can tell current day
  • It can tell random programming jokes
  • It can also tell your schedule for each day
  • It can be silent for a certain number of time if we mention how much time we want it to be silent
  • It can search in Wikipedia and tell about it in 5 lines
  • It can tell procedure/instructions how to make something(Eg: How to make a cake).
  • It can search for information in a browser that we want.
  • It can control system volumes
  • It can control system power activities(Eg: shutdown, restart, sleep).
  • It can play music file in a particular directory where the songs are present.
  • It can open your social media and open-source accounts.
  • It can open your college meeting accounts.
  • It can open your OTT platforms accounts.
  • It can open all google apps.
  • It can open presentation tools like canva, google slide.
  • It can open shopping websites.
  • It can open all the URL links.
  • It can open/close all the pc applications(NOTE: give correct path based on your OS).
  • It can sleep until you say wake up.
  • Finally, It can interact with you and you can also add more commands if you want.

NOTE: Before running the code you must make sure you have all the modules installed in your python version(NOTE: python version can be >=3.6).

API keys

To run this project you should need a API key for reading news. Register for your API key by clicking the following:

NewsAPI: Used for fetching news articles.


  • You need to first fork this repository and clone the repository to your local systemgit clone https://github.com/<your-github-username>/J.A.R.V.I.S.git
  • Make sure to install all the required python modules mentioned above or you can simply install them bypip install -r requirements.txtNote: For any errors while installing the python modules refer ERRORS.md because I got some errors while installing and using them.
  • Add the correct system paths in JARVIS.py to open the system applications
  • Add the correct contact details and Group ID numbers in the dictionary to send WhatsApp messages(line: 51)
  • Add your Gmail id and password to send emails(line:797,798)
  • Make sure you have registered in NewsAPI and replace the apiKey=YOUR_NEWS_API_KEY with your API key(Line: 852)
  • For using the mobile camera you need to first install an app in mobile called IP Webcam after installing go to START SERVER it will open your mobile camera at the bottom of the screen you can see IPv4 there you can find the IP address and replace _IP_Webcam_IP_address_ with the IP address in JARVIS.py MobileCamera function(line: 332)
  • Add the correct system paths to gifs in JarvisUi.py and JARVIS.py
  • Finally, run the python JARVIS.py file

That’s it #Enjoy speaking with your computer friend ūüėĀ

Demo video for JARVIS is available Here



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