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Develop a Neural Network for Woods Mammography Dataset

It can be challenging to develop a neural network predictive model for a new dataset.

One approach is to first inspect the dataset and develop ideas for what models might work, then explore the learning dynamics of simple models on the dataset, then finally develop and tune a model for the dataset with a robust test harness. Read More

Building a Mask R-CNN from scratch in TensorFlow and Keras

If you ever wanted to implement a Mask R-CNN from scratch in TensorFlow, you probably found Matterport’s implementation¹. This is a great one if you only want to use a Mask R-CNN. However, as it is very robust and complex, it can be hard to thoroughly understand every bit of it. And the even bigger problem is, that it doesn’t run with new versions of TensorFlow. Read More

Attracting The Talent Needed For An Advanced Identity Approach

All is naught if the talent is not embedded in the enterprise. Evaluating internal talent to ensure the right mindset is evolving the Identity infrastructure is important. Some suggest that each cyber security identity operation would benefit from non-cyber security talent. With limited cyber security expertise available, alternative sources of talent are necessary. Read More

Going Serverless With Adnan Rahic

Serverless computing is growing in popularity and is heavily promoted by public cloud providers. The much-touted benefit of serverless computing is to allow developers to focus on their code whilst the public cloud provider manages the environment and infrastructure that will be running it.

But how is serverless different from container-based services? What are the best use cases for serverless? How about the challenges? And can this architecture move forward in the future? We answer these questions and more in this episode of Coding Over Cocktails. Read More

Python code review checklist

As developers, we are all too familiar with code reviews. Having another pair of eyes take a look at our code can be wonderful; it shows us so many aspects of our code we would not have noticed otherwise. A code review can be informative, and it can be educational. I can confidently attribute most of what I know about good programming practices to code reviews. Read More

Publicly Available Data Enables Enterprise Cyberattacks

Most security leaders are acutely aware of the threat phishing scams pose to enterprise security. What garners less attention is the vast amount of publicly available information about organizations and their employees that enables these attacks. Read More

Dislodging mime magic And Understanding MIT & GNU GPL.

Jokes aside, what happened in Rails last week is unprecedented, at least since I started working with Rails 4. Unless it did happen and I missed it.

As far as I understand, it was an issue with licensing. For some, licensing is not an issue of concern; a few people grab any open-source code available and use it anyhow they want. Read More

Blazingly fast, yet simple! — GraphQL client written in Rust

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to create your own GraphQL client in Rust and specifically learn how to query data from a subgraph The Graph. This is meant to be a beginner tutorial, so our queries will be very simple — we’ll fetch a list of the top 5 Order objects (from the Decentraland subgraph) along with their Category fields, and then store those categories in another list. Read More

How to Build a Programming Project Step by Step

It says a lot about how programmers build the projects we all admire. It pin-points the less glamorous parts of our activities which beginners don’t always pay attention to, probably because of their lack of experience. Read More

Introducing the Auth0 Apollo Program

Here at Auth0, one of our core missions is to serve the developer community with high quality content, to help them build better and more secure applications. Read More

Using HTTPS for Local Development for React, Angular, and Node

Today using HTTPS to ensure a secure connection between the client and the server for web applications is necessary. But, most of the time, we hardly use HTTPS in local development servers. Sometimes it could lead to unexpected issues in your application. Read More

Using GPU to Improve JavaScript Performance

As developers, we always seek opportunities to improve application performance. When it comes to web applications, we mainly make these improvements in code. Read More

Apache Spark 3.1 Release: Spark on Kubernetes is now Generally Available

With the Apache Spark 3.1 release in March 2021, the Spark on Kubernetes project is now officially declared as production-ready and Generally Available. Read More

RediSearch in Action

Redis has a versatile set of data structures ranging from simple Strings all the way to powerful abstractions such as Redis Streams. The native data types can take you a long way, but there are certain use cases that may require a workaround. One example is the requirement to use secondary indexes in Redis in order to go beyond the key-based search/lookup for richer query capabilities. Though you can use Sorted Sets, Lists, and so on to get the job done, you’ll need to factor in some trade-offs. Read More

Text Analysis on Youtube Videos Posted About ‘Bangladesh’

This analysis is part of an ongoing exploratory study about the contents related to Bangladesh in different online social media platforms. In the last article tweets that containing Bangladesh were analyzed to understand the most common areas that people tweeted about Bangladesh and how public sentiments were reflected. Read More

HTML Inputs and Labels: A Love Story

Most inputs have something in common — they are happiest with a companion label! And the happiness doesn’t stop there. Forms with proper inputs and labels are much easier for people to use and that makes people happy too. Read More

Customize your computer screen with HTML and JavaScript

Anybody that knows how to mess around with HTML can now mess around with their desktop computing experience. A TopFrame is an open-source tool that lets you customize your desktop screen using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Read More

How to Configure BitLocker Encryption For an Internal HDD or External USB Drive in Windows

Read this article to find out how to protect your internal or external storage from unauthorized access by encrypting it. How to configure and use the integrated Windows feature – BitLocker encryption. The operating system lets you encrypt local disks and removable drives with the integrated encryption tool – BitLocker. When the TrueCrypt team closed their project suddenly, they recommended their users to switch to BitLocker. Read More

BITSandPSes – Might Save you from the Factories

BITSandPSes is a place to find reviews before making decisions every BITSian faces, be it to choose a good PS Station or to find the ideal elective, BITSandPSes makes everything simpler by clearing the clutter. Read More

How To Create a Wireframe in Software Design?

Designing a website for a UX designer or developer is not an easy task if they don’t get a clear idea of the entire layout and functionality of the system. While building software, clients can make requests regularly to change things here and there on web pages and this can be frustrating for any developer or a designer. Read More

React App Performance Optimization: The Definitive Guide

In React, your UI is rendered by updating something called DOM (Document Object Model). In basic layman terms, DOM resembles a tree-like structure of objects and nodes. Read More

Using React’s useEffect Hook

Using useEffect is probably the best part of React Hooks. It helps reduce the clutter of the component lifecycle methods and, most importantly, it helps separate different logic that can appear in the lifecycle methods. Today, we’re going to go over one example for each of the main benefits  useEffect with examples that are from the React website. Read More

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