The Power of Pure HTTP – screen share, real-time messaging, SSH and VNC

Hi all. Today, I’d like to show you the power of pure HTTP stream, which allows us to do screen sharing, video chatting, real-time text messaging, SSH, VNC, and so on. The demo videos below show SSH and VNC over pure HTTP. Let’s dive into this!


HTTP is everywhere for everyone and everything, which allows us to communicate in any situation. HTTP is one of the most mature protocols and wildly used. You can find HTTP in a web browser in personal computers including Windows, Mac and Linux, smartphones and tablets including Android, iPhone and iPad, curlwget commands in your terminal, some IoT devices, automation tools such as Shortcuts iOS app and Microsoft Flow, WebHooks and so on. Additionally, HTTP is an evolving protocol as HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and getting faster.

Usuary, an HTTP request has a short life, used for fetching HTML/CSS/JavaScript, media and API requests. So, this post introduces long-life HTTP request, which does real-time communications over pure HTTP stream without WebSocket and WebRTC.

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