Sum Of Digit Of A Number Using Recursion Through C Programming

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In this post I will discuss Sum Of Digit Of A Number Using Recursion through C Programming.

Given a number, we need to find sum of its digits using recursion.


Input : 12345
Output : 15

Input : 45632
Output :20

Now, the step by step process for a better understanding of how this algorithm works,

Lets, Take the example 12345


12345 % 10 which is equal-too 5 + and then send 12345/10 to next step.


1234 % 10 which is equal-too 4 + and then send 1234/10 to next step.


123 % 10 which is equal-too 3 + and then send 123/10 to next step.


12 % 10 which is equal-too 2 + and then send 12/10 to next step.


 1 % 10 which is equal-too 1 and then send 1/10 to next step.


 0 algorithm stops.

Here, following diagram will illustrate the process of recursion:

sum of digit of a number using recursion
Sum Of Digit Of Number Using Recursion
// Recursive C program to find sum of digits
// of a number
#include <stdio.h>

int sum_of_digit(int);
// Driven Program to check above
int main()
	int num = 12345;
	int result = sum_of_digit(num);
	printf("Sum of digits in %d is %d\n", num, result);
	return 0;

// Function to check sum of digit using recursion
int sum_of_digit(int n)
	if (n == 0)
	return 0;
	return (n % 10 + sum_of_digit(n / 10));


Sum of digits in 12345 is 15

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