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In this post, you are going to be learning about another repository RSS Reader On GoLang(YARR).

YARR (yet another RSS reader) is a web-based feed aggregator which can be used both as a desktop application and a personal self-hosted server.

It is written in Go with the frontend in Vue.js. The storage is backed by SQLite.



The latest prebuilt binaries for Linux/macOS/Windows are available here.


Download yarr-*, unzip it, place in /Applications folder.

The binaries are not signed, because the author doesn’t want to buy a certificate. Apple hates cheapskate developers, therefore the OS will refuse to run the application. To bypass these measures, you can run the command:

xattr -d /Applications/


Download yarr-*, unzip it, place wherever you’d like to (C:\Program Files or Recycle Bin). Create a shortcut manually if you’d like to.

Microsoft doesn’t like cheapskate developers too, but might only gently warn you about that, which you can safely ignore.


The Linux version doesn’t come with desktop environment integration. For easy access on DE it is recommended to create a desktop menu entry by following the steps below:

unzip -x yarr*.zip
sudo mv yarr /usr/local/bin/yarr
sudo nano /usr/local/share/applications/yarr.desktop

and pasting the content:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/local/bin/yarr -open

For self-hosting, see yarr -h for auth, tls & server configuration flags.


Install Go >= 1.16 and gcc. Get the source code:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Then run one of the corresponding commands:

# create an executable for the host os
make build_macos    # -> _output/macos/
make build_linux    # -> _output/linux/yarr
make build_windows  # -> _output/windows/yarr.exe

# ... or start a dev server locally
make serve          # starts a server at http://localhost:7070

# ... or build a docker image
docker build -t yarr .


Feather for icons.

Source: Github this post is dedicated to the GitHub repository. If you found anything fault then contact us.

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