React Unsplash is a photo search web app made in React

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React Unsplash is photo search webapp made in React which uses Unsplash JSON APIs for photo search.

A cloned app of the most powerful photo engine in the world. Trying to make the unplash like UI and add functionality as much as possible.

Completed UI screenshots:

unsplash clone

Donwloading Photos and showing likes

download photos

What are Prerequisites?

You are required to have Node.js installed to run the app locally.

How to Started?

Install unsplash-js (github)

npm i --save unsplash-js

Website Link:


Key Usages:

API Usage in Project:

Make a new .env file and do the following

 APP_ACCESS_KEY = your_app_access_key

How to Use?

# install all dependency
~/ npm install

# run
~/ npm run dev 

Formatting Code:

~/ npm run format 

Clearing Build:

~/ npm run clear 

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