Python Tool To Generate Stable Undetected Payload

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In this post, today I am going to explaining another GitHub repository i.e. python tool to generate stable undetected payload.


Tool To generate Stable Undetected Payload.



How To Install And Use:

  • git clone¬†
  • cd PayGen
  • python3
  • if you are On Linux Install Py on Wine and Compile using pyinstaller (I recommend using Windows For Compiling)


  • [x] Create Payload With MsfVenom Automated
  • [x] Creates a handler.rc file
  • [x] Undetectable
  • [x] Stop Sec Services And Kill Av Process
  • [x] AutoPortForwarding(Ngrok)
  • [x] Obfuscate Payload

Video For Explaining:


Please comment and share this repository. And If you contribute your repository please WhatsApp us.

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