Python Packages For Accessing Cohere Ai Through APIs

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In this post today I am going to explaining about the python packages for accessing natural language API in Python 3. The main core principle is functionality developed to simplify interfacing. The main motive for Python Packages For Accessing Cohere Ai Through APIs.


See the API’s documentation.

Also, see some code examples for the SDK here.


If you want the package, you can install it through pip:

pip install --upgrade cohere

Install from source:

python install


Python 3.6+


import cohere

# initialize the Cohere Client with an API Key
co = cohere.CohereClient('YOUR_API_KEY')

# generate a prediction for a prompt 
prediction = co.generate(
# print the predicted text          
print('prediction: {}'.format(prediction.text))

More usage examples can be found here.


For a full breakdown of endpoints and arguments, please consult the Cohere Docs.

Cohere EndpointFunction


To view an up-to-date list of available models please consult the Cohere CLI. To get started try out baseline-shrimp or baseline-seal.


Please comment and share the post if you find it helpful and WhatsApp for More repositories.

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