Python Package Helper Command-Line Tool

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Hey Guys, today I am going to explain to you another GitHub repository i.e. python package helper command-line tool.


Bonjour Software pypahe is a Python Package Helper command-line tool.


  • Docker runtime


  • print the latest available version of a given package:docker run bonjoursoftware/pypahe latest boto3
  • print a given Pipfile or Poetry pyproject where all packages have been upgraded to their latest versions:docker run bonjoursoftware/pypahe upgrade “$(cat /path/to/package_config)”

Tip: the Pipfile or Poetry pyproject file can be upgraded in place with:

docker run bonjoursoftware/pypahe upgrade "$(cat /path/to/package_config)" > /path/to/package_config
  • print manual:docker run bonjoursoftware/pypahe –help

Tip: the --help the argument also works on subcommands:

docker run bonjoursoftware/pypahe latest --help
docker run bonjoursoftware/pypahe upgrade --help


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