Pointer To String In C Programming

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Pointer to a string acts similar to that of a pointer to array, here the pointer variable holds the address of the first-string variable and hence the required operation is executed.


char ch[5]=”ABCD”;
char *ptr=ch; 
string pointer
String Pointer

The above description depicts the pointer to a string where the first address value 1000 is stored in the pointer variable.

The next address is incremented by 1 as each character of a string holds a value of 1 memory space. This 1000 or the first address is used to access the string.

Let’s see an example how pointer is used to access an string:

int main()
	char ch[10]="POINTER";
	char *ptr=ch;
	return 0;

Here in the above program the address of the first-string variable is stored in the pointer variable as the string is initialised in it. 

The pointer keeps on incrementing with 1 as each character holds a value of 1 memory space until it reaches to the end or NULL and keeps on printing the string by invoking the pointer, then the loop is terminated.


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Hence, we have reached the end of the topic. Hope we have cleared all your doubts.

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