Pointer To Pointer (Double Pointer)

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A pointer is a variable which hold the address of another variable. A pointer to pointer is one which hold the address of the pointer that has the address of another variable holding the value.

Syntax Of Double Pointer:

datatype variable;
datatype *pointer;
datatype **pointer1
pointer = &variable;
pointer1 = &pointer;

Let us take an example to make it more clear:

int main()
	int a=10;
	int *p=&a;
	int **p1=&p;
	printf("\nThe value of the variable using single pointer: %d",*p);
	printf("\nThe value of the variable using double pointer: %d",**p1);
	return 0;

The above program shows the example of double pointer where the pointer variable p is addressed by another pointer variable p1. Hence illustrating the technique of pointer to pointer.


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Difference between single pointer and double-pointer:

Single PointerDouble Pointer
A pointer which hold the address of a variable having a specific value.A pointer which hold the address of another pointer variable.
It is represented by:data type *name;It is represented by data type **name;
Difference Between Double and Single Pointer

Hence we reach to end of a short and simple discussion on pointer to a pointer. Hope we have cleared all your doubts.

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