Did You Need To Learn Pointers In C/C++??

A pointer is a variable that stores a memory address. Pointers are used to store the addresses of other variables or memory items. Pointers are essential for dynamic memory allocation.”

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⌨️ Introduction to pointers in C/C++
⌨️ Working with pointers
⌨️ Pointer types, pointer arithmetic, void pointers
⌨️ Pointers to Pointers in C/C++
⌨️ Pointers as function arguments – call by reference
⌨️ Pointers and arrays
⌨️ Arrays as function arguments
⌨️ Character arrays and pointers
⌨️ Pointers and 2-D arrays
⌨️ Pointers and multidimensional arrays
⌨️ Pointers and dynamic memory – stack vs heap
⌨️ Dynamic memory allocation in C – malloc(), calloc() and realloc() free
⌨️ Pointers as function returns in C/C++
⌨️ Function Pointers in C / C++
⌨️ Function pointers and callbacks
⌨️ Memory leak in C/C++

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This course gives me big opportunity to learn pointer and earn. The instructor support awesome. I am publishing code on lingarajtechhub and earn also which helps to practise. Please enroll in this course.

Nikhil Patra
Nikhil Patra


Inside C Programming every chapter is important, but the pointer is too important to know and learn. By joining the lingarajtechhub Pointer course its clear my doubt and also I earn some money by publishing the code through practicing.

Saroj Kumar Subudhi
Saroj Kumar Subudhi