Pointers In C – With Examples

Here we are discuss how pointer works on different types? Pointer is a vital topic in C programming language. Every programmer should follow the basic rules of pointer.

What is a pointer?

The pointer is a variable that stores or points address of another variable. The pointer is a variable that might be belonging to any of the data types means int, float, char, long etc.

Syntax Of Pointer:

data-type *variable-name;


int *p;  char *p;

Here “*” denotes that p is a pointer variable not a normal variable.


int main()
    int a=2,*p;
    float b=3, *q;
    char c='a', *r;
    p = &a;
    q = &b;
    r = &c;
    return 0;
a=2   *p=2
b=3.00000   *q=3.00000
c=a   *r=a

A pointer in C programming is called a Dynamic Memory Allocation means to allocate memory at runtime.

Some Key Points Remember In Pointer C Programming

  1. Normal Variables are stores the value whereas pointer variables are always stores address.
  2. The content of the pointer variable is always a whole number i.e. address.
  3. Always pointer variables are initialized with null, means *p = null.
  4. The value of a null pointer is 0.
  5. “&” symbol is used the reference variable in “C” Programming.
  6. “*” symbol is used to refer the value of pointer variable that pointer points.
  7. If a pointer assigning a “null” means points to nothing.
  8. Two pointers can be subtracted to know how many elements are remaining between these 2 pointers.
  9. But pointer addition, multiplication and divisions are not allowed.
  10. The size of the pointer depends on the type of variable, that pointer points. Means see an Example:
int main()
   int a=2,*p;
   return 0;
a=2   *p=2


The pointer always declare the same type the variable declare.

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