log4j Scanner With Golang To Find Out Brute Force

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In this post, you will learn about the log4j scanner with GoLang to find out the brute force attack. This repository is written on brute force attacks on the Twitter list of headers with payloads.


▶ go get github.com/channyein1337/log4j-detect


▶ log4j-detect -h
Usage of log4j-detect:
  -hf string
        Set the headers file
  -p string
        Set the payload file

Scan list of URLs with headers and payloads

▶ echo https://www.google.com | log4j-detect -hf header.txt -p payload.txt
log4j detect


If there is any issue in running this tool, just contact me on Twitter or create an issue.



Source GitHub: If you find anything wrong then contact us.

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