Learn C Step By Step For Beginners

Learn from basic to advanced like operators, control statements, array, function, pointers, structure and file system.

Some Questions Arises In Your Mind

Here we Discuss why to learn C programming Early or First Before moving to any language

Topics Inside C Programming

C Tutorial

  • What is C Language
  • History of C
  • Features of C
  • How to install C
  • First C Program
  • The flow of C Program
  • printf scanf
  • Variables in C
  • Data Types in c
  • Keywords in c
  • C Operators
  • C Comments
  • C Escape Sequence
  • Constants in C
  • C Fundamental Test

C Control Statements

  • C if-else
  • C switch
  • C Loops
  • C do-while loop
  • C while loop
  • C for loop
  • C break
  • C continue
  • C goto
  • Type Casting
  • C Control Statement Test

C Functions

  • What is function
  • Call: Value & Reference
  • Recursion in c
  • Storage Classes
  • C Functions Test

C Array

  • 1-D Array
  • 2-D Array
  • Array to Function
  • C Array Test

C Pointers

  • C Pointers
  • C Pointer to Pointer
  • C Pointer Arithmetic
  • C Pointers Test

C Dynamic Memory

  • Dynamic memory

C Strings

  • String in C
  • C gets() & puts()
  • C String Functions
  • C strlen()
  • C strcpy()
  • C strcat()
  • C strcmp()
  • C strrev()
  • C strlwr()
  • C strupr()
  • C strstr()
  • C Strings Test

C Math

  • C Math Functions

C Structure Union

  • C Structure
  • C Array of Structures
  • C Nested Structure
  • C Union
  • C Structure Test

C File Handling

  • C File Handling
  • C fprintf() fscanf()
  • C fputc() fgetc()
  • C fputs() fgets()
  • C fseek()
  • C rewind()
  • C ftell()

C Preprocessor

  • C Preprocessor
  • C Macros
  • C #include
  • C #define
  • C #undef
  • C #ifdef
  • C #ifndef
  • C #if
  • C #else
  • C #error
  • C #pragma
  • C Preprocessor Test

C Command Line

  • Command Line Arguments

C Programming Test

  • C Programming Test

C Programs

  • Top 10+ C Programs
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Prime Number
  • Palindrome Number
  • Factorial
  • Armstrong Number
  • Sum of digits
  • Reverse Number
  • Swap Number
  • Print “Hello” without ;
  • Assembly code in C
  • C program without main
  • Matrix Multiplication
  • Decimal to Binary
  • Number in Characters
  • Alphabet Triangle
  • Number Triangle
  • Fibonacci Triangle

How Code is Implemented?

Compilation Process

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Saroj Kumar Subudhi