Learn C Step By Step For Beginners

Some Questions Arises In Your Mind

Here we Discuss why to learn C programming Early or First Before moving to any language

Topics Inside C Programming

C Tutorial

  • What is C Language
  • History of C
  • Features of C
  • How to install C
  • First C Program
  • The flow of C Program
  • printf scanf
  • Variables in C
  • Data Types in c
  • Keywords in c
  • C Operators
  • C Comments
  • C Escape Sequence
  • Constants in C
  • C Fundamental Test

C Control Statements

  • C if-else
  • C switch
  • C Loops
  • C do-while loop
  • C while loop
  • C for loop
  • C break
  • C continue
  • C goto
  • Type Casting
  • C Control Statement Test

C Functions

  • What is function
  • Call: Value & Reference
  • Recursion in c
  • Storage Classes
  • C Functions Test

C Array

  • 1-D Array
  • 2-D Array
  • Array to Function
  • C Array Test

C Pointers

  • C Pointers
  • C Pointer to Pointer
  • C Pointer Arithmetic
  • C Pointers Test

C Dynamic Memory

  • Dynamic memory

C Strings

  • String in C
  • C gets() & puts()
  • C String Functions
  • C strlen()
  • C strcpy()
  • C strcat()
  • C strcmp()
  • C strrev()
  • C strlwr()
  • C strupr()
  • C strstr()
  • C Strings Test

C Math

  • C Math Functions

C Structure Union

  • C Structure
  • C Array of Structures
  • C Nested Structure
  • C Union
  • C Structure Test

C File Handling

  • C File Handling
  • C fprintf() fscanf()
  • C fputc() fgetc()
  • C fputs() fgets()
  • C fseek()
  • C rewind()
  • C ftell()

C Preprocessor

  • C Preprocessor
  • C Macros
  • C #include
  • C #define
  • C #undef
  • C #ifdef
  • C #ifndef
  • C #if
  • C #else
  • C #error
  • C #pragma
  • C Preprocessor Test

C Command Line

  • Command Line Arguments

C Programming Test

  • C Programming Test

C Programs

  • Top 10+ C Programs
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Prime Number
  • Palindrome Number
  • Factorial
  • Armstrong Number
  • Sum of digits
  • Reverse Number
  • Swap Number
  • Print “Hello” without ;
  • Assembly code in C
  • C program without main
  • Matrix Multiplication
  • Decimal to Binary
  • Number in Characters
  • Alphabet Triangle
  • Number Triangle
  • Fibonacci Triangle

How Code is Implemented?

Compilation Process

Learn & Earn Program

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Saroj Kumar Subudhi