Is Java still a useful programming language in 2022?

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Python has surpassed a number of other programming languages, including Java. Does this raise the question, Is Java still a useful programming language in 2022?

Java is a computer language that consistently outperforms most of its competitors in global rankings. Many well-known companies utilise this fast-performing, object-oriented programming language. Java developers are being sought by Infosys and Wipro for a variety of opportunities.

Is Java still relevant in 2022?

Python has recently overtaken Java in terms of popularity and usage. Python’s programming language has surpassed multiple other languages, such as Java, JavaScript, and C, as the most popular programming language, according to Tiobe’s newly revised rankings for December 2021. Tiobe is an index that creates findings based on web searches.

This raises the question of whether Java will be a useful language to learn in 2022. We’ll try to answer this question for you today.

Real world applications of Java:

Android apps are created using the Java programming language and Google’s Android API, which is quite similar to JDK.

In the financial services industry, Java is very popular. Java is used by many global investment banks to develop front and back office electronic trading systems, settlement and confirmation systems, data processing projects, and other projects. Java is also used by third-party trading programmes, which are part of the larger financial services business.

Java is also popular in the world of e-commerce and web applications.

Many essential software and development tools, such as Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ Idea, and NetBeans IDE, are written and developed in Java.

Hadoop and other big data technologies, such as Apache’s Java-based HBase and Accumulo (open source) and ElasticSearch, all use Java in some fashion.

Java is also popular in embedded systems. It demonstrates how capable the platform is: all you need is 130 KB to employ Java technology (on a smart card or sensor).

For scientific applications, such as natural language processing, Java is frequently used as the default language. The fundamental reason for this is that Java is safer, more portable, and easier to maintain than C++ or any other language, plus it includes stronger high-level concurrency capabilities.

Job market for Java developers

Java programmers are always in great demand. Top IT firms are on the lookout for talented engineers with Java experience. Infosys, India’s second-largest IT company, is looking for Java developers in Bengaluru. Wipro, an IT behemoth, is also on the lookout for Java developers. Capgemini, a French global IT services firm, is looking for Java developers for the following positions.

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