How do you know when you’re ready to apply for front-end developer positions?

When I was learning front-end development I would Google this question often. When you’re teaching yourself it’s a lot more difficult to measure your own ‘readiness’. When you take a course or attend a bootcamp it’s easier to define this because there is a set start and finish. Those that are self-teaching will have to define this for themselves.

Many factors play into this state of ‘readiness’. The main factor is people’s own expectations, one developer’s definition of ready may be the complete polar opposite to another’s. What really matters to us is what employers think. In this article, we will attempt to produce a definition to put your mind at ease.

My own experience

I am completely self-taught with no previous relatable experience in tech. I did build my own computer many moons ago but that had little bearing on my ability to code, I’d just about heard of HTML!
It took me around 11 months to land my first position and on reflection, I felt I could have started applying for roles a little sooner than I did. I was all too focused on trying to perfect my knowledge and get to a place where I considered myself to be ‘ready’.

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