Github Rate Limit Prometheus Exporter

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In this post, you will learn on repository Github Rate Limit Prometheus Exporter Prometheus exporter which scrapes GitHub API for the rate limits used by PAT/GitHub App.

Helm Chart with values and deployment can be found here

For the exporter to run you need to supply either a GitHub Token or a set of GitHub App credentials, alongside a type of authentication to use(pat/app)

The metrics can then be represented on a grafana dashboard:

Grafana panel example



docker run -d \
    -e GITHUB_APP_NAME=name_of_my_app
    -e GITHUB_TOKEN=my_token \
    -p 2112:2112 \

GitHub APP

docker run -d \
    -e GITHUB_APP_ID=my_app_id \
    -e GITHUB_INSTALLATION_ID=my_app_installation_id \
    -e GITHUB_APP_NAME=name_of_my_app
    -v $PWD/path_to/key.pem:/tmp/key.pem
    -p 2112:2112 \


Source: View Github If you find anything incorrect then inform us.

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