File Handling in C

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In this topic today I am going to teach about File Handling In C programming.

What is a file?

A file is an object which holds data, information or commands. Like many other programming languages, C also provides operations in files such as creating, reading, writing, opening and closing.

Let’s dive deep and see how a file is created:


FILE *desired_name;
*desired_name=fopen(“filename” , ”mode”);

Hence the above syntax is used to create a file. There are several file management functions in C, which are:

fopen()To create or open a file
fclose()To close a file
fprintf()Writing a block of data to a file
fscanf()Reading a block of data from a file
getc()Reading a single character from a file
putc()Writing a single character in a file
getw()Reading an integer from a file
putw()Writing an integer to a file
fseek()Sets the position of the file pointer to a specific location
ftell()Returns the current position of the file pointer
rewind()Sets the file pointer at the beginning of the file

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Like the file management functions there are several modes while dealing with files in C, they are:

File modeDescription
rOpen a file for reading. If a file is in reading mode, then no data is deleted if a file is already present on a system
wOpen a file for writing. If a file is in writing mode, then a new file is created if a file doesn’t exist at all. If a file is already present on a system, then all the data inside the file is truncated, and it is opened for writing purposes
aOpen a file in append mode. If a file is in append mode, then the file is opened. The content within the file doesn’t change
r+Open for reading and writing from the beginning
w+Open for reading and writing, overwriting a file
a+Open for reading and writing, appending to file

These are the important modes and file management functions in C which helps in the file operations. This was an introductory part to file management in C and will deal with them practically in the next article.

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