DeepMusic Is A Spotify Like App Build In Python Packages

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In this post today I am going to explaining about another GitHub repository DeepMusic is an easy to use Spotify app to manage and listen to your favourites music.

Technically, this project is an Android Client and its entire RPC / MOM backend. After being recorded, the input sequence is transcribed by the Android SpeechToText API provided natively on Android.

Then, the transcription is provided to a homemade named entity recognition system which is done with Flair to identify semantic entities such as: Artist(s), Music Name, Order, …

In response of that, the correct order is emitted and the music stream is played, stopped or paused on the device. The solution is scalable to dozen of mobile devices and multiple backend servers thanks to IceGrid.

Adminstration Image:

admin ui

Android Client:

user ui

Install Dependencies:

  • sudo apt-get install vlc
  • pip install -r requirements.txt

Another Dependency for Compiling Android on Windows:

  • Install the Zeroc Ice 3.7 for Java here

Server Installation:

Here is the procedure to install this software :

  1. Run MySQL Server
    1. Linux: sudo systemctl start mysql
    2. Windows: Start XAMPP
  2. Run: icegridnode --Ice.Config=config.grid

Client Installation:

Here is the procedure to install this software :

  1. Android
    1. Download the .APK in the release section
    2. Install it on your Android device
    3. Run it when the server is started
  2. Python, Run it using
    1. icegridadmin --Ice.Config=config.grid -e "application add application.xml"
    2. python


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