Data Types in Python

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In this post here discussing about data types in python. How, it helps python to take decision on what type of data the variable can access.

variable is a name of a location in a memory where values are stored. Each variable should be initialised or defined with a data storage format to continue with the operations in the program. These data storage formats are known as data types.

Python has the following data types built-in by default, in these categories:

for text type:str(string)
for numeric type:int(integer)floatcomplex
for sequence type:listtuplerange
for mapping type:dict(dictionary)
for set type:setfrozenset
for boolean type:bool
for binary type:bytesbytearraymemoryview
Data Types In Python

Let us see how to initialize data type in python:

Python allows auto-assignment to variables when data is assigned to the variable.

Note: when a variable is initialized with an integer variable, it is by default assigned as str or string. So, for integer variables we need to assign them as integers.

For example:

(str) type a ="lingarajtechhub"
(complex) type a=2a
(list) type a= [20, 10, 5]
(tuple) type a= (20, 10, 5)
(dictionary) type a= {"value":20, 
(boolean) type a= true

We can also assign specific data type in python, for example:

a= str("lingarajtechhub")
a=list((20, 10, 5))
a=tuple((20, 10, 5))
a=frozenset(("Bhubaneswar", "Kolkata", "Delhi")

We can also check the data type of any variable using the type function, which returns us the type of the variable initialized.

Let us see some examples:




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Here we come to the end of the topic on data types in python. Hope we were able to clear all your doubts.

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