Classes and Objects in Python

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In this post I am going to describe to you Classes and Objects in Python, What is the role and how to present Classes and Objects In Python?

What is a class?

As python is an object-oriented programming language, it has the references of class and object. A class is a real-life entity having similar characteristics, also referred to as a blueprint for creating objects.

What is an object?

An object is an instance of a class which helps to call the class, class methods etc.

How to create a class and object?

class Classname: #class definition

Let us see an example:

class ClassMy: #class definition

c=ClassMy() #object creation
print("The name=",
print("The age=",c.age)


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This was a short and simple discussion of class and object in python. It is a very important topic to deal with several projects in python. Hope your doubts were cleared.

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