Casting in Python

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Casting is applied in python to specify the type of data directed to a variable. This is done to increase the accuracy and make the variable more appropriate in terms of holding values.

Some of they ways of casting are as follows:

  • int() to hold integer value provided as input
  • float() to hold float value provided as input
  • str() to hold string value provided as input

let us see some examples to get the ways cleared,

Input for int:


em9cCQJDa5LLUquY7ELlGkebNVSz 6fU2y2UM6dHDEP6 gy1DRirIWWGA3j8go CfGKv8j xhXJtKxRXTL3PRzG3AdqH64rmoZUyQTKaxOFqFwjckNGdk 5uLuTbYcqG N3New

Input for float:


zOiOMnxEe btSgOilHmCnqzdSBi6iKbpU9RjNoNydu3 CWt3p4553jVop48k9ijM1alwq2V9bBLe267c3MhORIUva2hKnKxYaM 1MEK76gKQIV X2CpxBq6CusN6Bw1FPVUl A

Input for string:
x=str("Lingaraj Techhub")


LpAUwhwoskMCQVPOQXf10 o GiS86

Here we come to the end of the topic of discussion on casting in C, hope we were able to clear all your doubts.

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