C Program To Find The Power Of A Number Using for Loop

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In this post I am going to explain you how to find the power of a number using for loop?

Here a C program to find power of a number using for loop.

There is coming one question to find the power of a number without using built-in library functions in the C program. So, find the power of any number without using pow() function in C programming.



Input base: 2
Input exponent: 5


2 ^ 5 = 32

Logic to find the power of any number:


Input base and exponents from user and then store two variables say base and expo.


Then declare and initialize one variable say power=1.


Run the loop from 1 to expo and increment loop counter by 1 in each iteration. So the loop structure looks like for(i=1;i<=expo;i++)


For each iteration inside loop multiply power with num i.e. power = power*num


At the end of loop you print the power varibel.

Program to find power of any number:

 * C program to find power of any number using for loop

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int base, exponent;
    long long power = 1;
    int i;

    /* Input base and exponent from user */
    printf("Enter base: ");
    scanf("%d", &base);
    printf("Enter exponent: ");
    scanf("%d", &exponent);

    /* Multiply base, exponent times*/
    for(i=1; i<=exponent; i++)
        power = power * base;

    printf("%d ^ %d = %lld", base, exponent, power);

    return 0;

Keep Remember:

Some compilers didn’t understand long long data type so, you need to change the data type from long long to long type and also format string %lld to %ld.


Enter base: 2
Enter exponent: 5
2 ^ 5 = 32

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