Build ZigzagView React Native Component Using For Tickets And Receipts

In this post, I will share with you one of the GitHub Repository ZigzagView React Native Component Using For Tickets And Receipts.

React Native ZigzagView:



yarn add react-native-zigzag-view

This package depends on react-native-svg, make sure to install it


import React from "react"
import { Text, View } from "react-native"
import ZigzagView from "react-native-zigzag-view"

const Receipt = () => {
  return <ZigzagView
    {Content of receipt}


Inherits View props,

surfaceColorstringbackground color of content container’s view, and zigzag jagsNo
backgroundColorstringbackground color of wrapper viewNo
topbooleanif true, then show zigzag border toptrueNo
bottombooleanif true, then show zigzag border bottomtrueNo
zigzagPropsZigzagLinesPropsproperties of both zigzag linesNo
styleViewStylestyle of wrapper viewNo
contentContainerStyleViewStylestyle of content container’s viewNo
Properties To Build Zigzag View


  • backgroundColor property has precedence over corresponding attribute of style property
  • surfaceColor property has precedence over backgroundColor attribute of contentContainerStyle property.
  • zigzagProps does not accept backgroundColorcolorwidth, and position attributes.

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