Shiva Patra

Shiva Patra

Hello, this is G. Shiva. Patra, your content writer for this website, is currently pursuing BCA for a graduation degree. I am here to write content based on C++ and similar kind of stuff. I like the tech world as it grows really fast and you have great things to learn every day which keep you away from boredom. So, I have some knowledge on very different topics related to tech like the dark web, deep web, onion rooting, IoT, Cybersecurity, and I always keep track of new devices and software used by them as every tech enthusiast does.

Variables in C++

how to declare variables in c++ programming

First of all, as variables a basic topic in C++, readers must know some facts about C++, because if anyone asks you, you’re well prepared to answer. So, C++ is a general-purpose cross-platform language that was developed by “Bjarne Stroustrup”…

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