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To build a seamless user experience for your customers, it’s essential to offer pre-built, pre-orchestrated integrations to high-demand complementary applications (e.g., CRM, Finance, Marketing apps). 

One of our customers put it as, “we’re the tail. We don’t wag the dog.” This gets at the idea that given the expanding app ecosystem (more competition + more apps to integrate to…), customers will only pick companies that seamlessly connect to apps they’re already using. No one wants to buy more new software just so they can use your app. 

Unfortunately, building this cohesive customer-oriented experience requires more than just point-to-point integrations. And it’s bigger than simply writing directly to the API.

Below the surface of writing to an API, developers are faced with many complexities – right now, let’s focus on search and browsing (aka giving your users the ability to find and select the data they need from the integration endpoint.)

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