About Organization

We lingarajtechhub are an education provider for the aspirants for software programmers and coders. Here we are publishing quality content and distribute among various software industry. We are on a mission to provide the best learning experience inside and out. Our team aims to teach the aspirants in a simple manner so that they can have an easy grasp over the subjects.

At lingarajtechhub, we are rethinking education from the bottom up. Our team comprises world-class faculty who have good command and grasp of various software coding and languages. We provide our students with on-demand video lectures, homework, hands-on practice,  community discussion, etc.

Founding Member

lingaraj senapati - founder of LingarajTechhub

Hey There! I am Lingaraj Senapati, the Founder of LingarajTechhub. My skills are Web Developer & Designer, Corporate Trainer, Digital Marketer & Youtuber.

At lingarajtechhub, we are committed to connecting all the students with world-class instructors and helping to attain success by enabling them to reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

The talent lies in every individual, and we harness those talents of the individual students to make their future brighter.

With easy access to our learning and resources and instruction, anyone from anywhere can master themselves in the arena of coding and programming.

Our culture at lingarajtechhub is inclusive, diverse, and committed to enhancing professional and personal goals.  Thus, by joining our courses, students will surely learn in an effective way and enrich their lives.