A SwiftUI TextField with a floating label for iOS 15

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In this post, today I am going to tell about another GitHub repository SwiftUI TextField with a floating label for iOS 15.


A TextField with a floating label using the new Focus system on iOS 15.



Usage is as simple as importing FocusTextField, declaring a @State String variable, and initializing FocusTextField with a placeholder.

@import FocusTextField


@State var text: String = ""


FocusTextField(text: $text) {


  • Use any view as the placeholder
  • Set the placeholder scale
  • Set the placeholder spacing
  • Set the placeholder animation

To Do:

  • Placeholder Active State
  • Match keyboard animation curve (Maybe make animation not customizable?)
  • Make Text Field customizable

Known Bugs:

  • Animation looks a bit off when showing/hiding the keyboard

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