A simple TUI interface to navigate and view OpenShift 4 must-gather files

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MGR “not the final name” is a simple TUI interface to navigate and view OpenShift 4 must-gather files.

How to run it:

  • Download and run the executable file “mgr”:
# ./mgr <MG path>
  • Or, you can clone the project and build your own executable files as follows [Recommended]:
# git clone https://github.com/AmrGanz/MGR.git
# cd MGR
# go build . -o mgr
# ./mgr <MG path>
  • The main interface is devided into multiple areas as shown in the following screenshot:
  • You will always start with area “1” or List number 1.
  • Most of the flow will start from List 1 then you have new options to choose from in List 2 and so on till you finally get an output in the Text Output area.
  • Sometimes you will ge the output in the Text Area from selecting options in List 2, so you don’t have to always get it from the last List.
  • CopyMode button will bring focus to the contents in the Text Output area by hiding other areas.
  • While in the CopyMode, you can use your mouse to highlight and Select/Copy lines.
  • To go back to the main interfacr, press the Esc key in your keyboard.
  • The SearchBox is used to do a simple filtering of the Text Output and it is case sensitive
  • To retrive the original content, clean the SearchBox then press on the Search Button

A screenshot of the main interface showing an example output:


Added Features:

  • Read Projects, Operators, Nodes, MCP, MC, and PersistentVolume resources details.
  • Text output is similar to what you get with the oc client
  • Quick navigation between cluster resources
  • Filter output text using the SearchBox
  • Copy from the output text using the CopyMode button
  • Ability to use the mouse

To be added Features “TBA”:

  • More cluster reources to be added
  • Color coding
  • Dynamically set the initial size of the interface areas according to the initial terminal size
  • Display and search containers full logs
  • Keyboard shourtcuts
  • Descrypt Secrets, and MachineConfigs
  • Some options will give an output as “TBA” which means that this option will be added later


  • This software is using tview go library
  • In my lab I am using go version go1.16.8
  • This tool is in a PoC phase and more features will be added to it soon
  • Please feel free to report any bugs or a required feature/enhancement


Source: https://github.com/AmrGanz/MGR?ref=golangexample.com

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