A new year means a new resume! 7 things hiring managers are looking for in a CV

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7 things hiring managers are looking for in a CV, Why? If your resume fails to land you a job, it’s possible that it’s not a resume at all, but rather a piece of paper in the junk mail folder of a hiring manager.

If you write your CV correctly, it has the potential to open up new doors of opportunity. But what is the proper method?

The purpose of a resume is to: attract the attention of employers and recruiters; showcase your strongest talents and accomplishments; and demonstrate how you’re a good fit for a position or project.

If your resume fails to do so, it may not be a resume at all, but rather a piece of paper in the junk mail folder of a hiring manager.

Follow these 7 tips to align your resume with the current job market requirements:

Tip #1. It should be one-pager

Yes, it may seem unusual to some, but your resume should just be one page long. If you’re considering adding another page, the only reason should be that one isn’t enough to hold all of your accomplishments.

Tip #2. It shouldn’t have a photo

It’s pointless to include your photo, gender, or age on your resume.

Tip #3. It should be categorised

Buckets should be used to categorise accomplishments. Bucket movement is permitted, but basic criteria must be followed: academics must come last, and extracurricular achievements must come first.

Tip #4. It should be balanced

To show that you are an all-rounder, each category should include roughly equal numbers of accomplishments.

Tip #5. It should have the ‘bling’ factor

The ‘bling’ or ‘wow’ factor refers to exceptional accomplishments that add value to your application. In each category, try to have a ‘wow’ factor (achievements, academics, extra-curriculars)

Tip #6. It should contain numbers

Quoting numbers will give your accomplishments more credibility and significance. Consider the difference between AIR-1 in an Olympiad and AIR-1 out of 2,00,000+.

Tip #7. It should be well-formatted

It is ESSENTIAL that you apply the proper formatting. When hiring managers receive your resume for the first time, they are unlikely to look at it for longer than 30 seconds. You must use your formatting to make the most of those few seconds. Use bold to draw attention to essential details, such as ranks, project names, Olympiad names, national/international competitions, and so on.

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