10 interview questions regarding ReactJS useState() Hook

10 interview questions regarding ReactJS useState() Hook

Here are 10 interview questions specifically related to the useState hook in React:

  1. What is the purpose of the useState hook in React?

    • Explain how it helps manage state in functional components.
  2. How do you import and use the useState hook in a React component?

    • Provide a basic example.
  3. Can you use multiple useState hooks in a single component?

    • Explain how you might manage different pieces of state.
  4. What does the useState hook return, and what is the typical structure of the returned value?

    • Discuss the array destructuring used with useState.
  5. How do you update the state using useState?

    • Explain the function argument pattern and provide an example.
  6. Can you initialize state with an object using useState?

    • Discuss how to handle complex state structures.
  7. What is the key difference between class-based state and state with the useState hook?

    • Discuss functional updates and the functional aspect of useState.
  8. How would you conditionally update state based on the previous state value using useState?

    • Discuss the pattern for functional updates and why it's important.
  9. Explain the role of the callback function in the setState function returned by useState.

    • Discuss its use in certain scenarios.
  10. How does React handle the batching of state updatesuseState?

    • Discuss the asynchronous nature of state updates and any potential issues.

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